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More Cottage Industry Businesses in North Park

North Park Small Business and Cottage Industry Roundup Part II

In spite of a small population of under 2,000 for all of Jackson County, North Park has no shortage of talented people. Local artisans work hard to bring their creations to life as well as participating in that hustle culture to support their own small businesses. Beyond the storefronts you’ll see on Main Street, North Park has even more to offer. From photographers to candle making, you’ll find a thriving culture of cottage industry throughout the community. 

Find That One of a Kind Gift at North Park Craft Shows

We have only scratched the surface when it comes to what local artisans, pop up shops, and other creatives are doing in North Park. Whether it’s a side hustle or a fledgling business, some of the best quality products are brought to you from individuals who curate the products they are selling and instill in them that personal touch that makes them one of a kind.

April 13th and 14th will feature a Spring Craft Festival at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in the Wattenberg Center starting at 9am on Saturday and Noon on Sunday. Craft shows give visitors a chance to not only see the quality of what they can get from locals, but also a chance to meet the people creating them. 

Other Craft Festivals in North Park

  • Never Summer Rodeo Weekend
  • North Park Days
  • Fall Craft Festival
  • Winter Craft Festival
  • And many others!

Bookmark the events calendar to keep up on future events throughout North Park!

More Local Cottage Industry Businesses

Last week’s blog post listed several locals who have carved out a niche and brought their businesses into the spotlight. Keep following to find out about even more yet to come! Here is a list of even more cottage industry businesses to look for in the North Park community and how to contact them.

JBWay Photography

Bethany Way is a local North Park photographer who specializes in portrait sessions, engagements, and wedding photography. Whether it is a graduation photo session or a family portrait, creating a memorable photograph session is a beautiful way to preserve these moments for future generations. With some incredible scenery, North Park is a wonderful backdrop for making timeless memories like these. 

Check out some of Bethany’s work on her website, or on Facebook. Her Instagram gallery is a great way to check out her style and versatility for subjects and compositions. Book a session today! Contact Bethany via email at [email protected].

Custom Candles by Joanie Latin

Joanie Latin has been making candles for the last 15 years, and in that time has honed her craft to a fine art. She began making candles in her years as a professional truck driver, bringing a little piece of comfort to other drivers with wickless candles. Wickless candles were a great way to provide aromatherapy to drivers on the road during long stretches without the hazard of an open flame in their rigs. 

Today she works mainly in custom all-soy candles (no blends) made with 100% cotton wicks and recyclable glass jars. Her candles are non-toxic and can be customized with any scent or color upon request. Choose from her collection of enticing combinations or or go entirely scentless for those with sensitivities or allergies. Once your candle has been used up, bring in your glass again to reduce waste and keep up your aesthetic. 

Check out Joanie’s upcoming line of Eclipse Candles which she is making for the upcoming total eclipse. Visit her Facebook page or text her at (970) 723-3362 for more information on candles, parties, and events.

Monica Warren Wind Chimes

If you have attended a craft festival in North Park before, there is an excellent chance you have stopped by Monica Warren’s booth. Wind chimes are a delightful way to not only bring character to your yard, but also to brighten it with music. Monica has been making wind chimes for over 12 years. 

Her selection of wind chimes are made from recycled and repurposed materials. The finishing process guarantees that no two windchimes will be alike, as they all weather and age differently, creating a unique an beautiful look. These “flaws” and imperfections make these chimes perfect for indoors and outside as well, and are ideal for your porch, deck, or mountain retreat. 

To learn more about her latest creations, check out her Facebook or email her at [email protected].

Alpaca Wool and Sheep Knits by Debbi Anderson

As the world becomes more aware of the harmful effects of synthetic knits, natural fibers are more in demand now than ever. Though many people have a sensitivity to sheep wool, they might find a better alternative with alpaca wool. Debbi Anderson specializes in weaving with alpaca yarn that is harvested from her own herd and natural colors. 

Alpaca wool is especially valued due to its ability to retain warmth even when wet, durability, softness, and extremely low allergy index. Some of the finest wool available is sourced from Alpaca, and goes all the way back to the indigenous people of the Andes mountains in ancient Peru. Debbi’s weavings also include sheep wool from her own sheep herd as well. 

Call 970-723-8303 or 970-873-8414 or contact her on Facebook to learn more about what she has to offer.

Redman Mountain Boutique

From totes and bags to clips and even deluxe Western nail strips, Christine Redman has what you are looking for at Redman Mountain Boutique. Each week you will find new inventory of nail strips and matching accessories, caps, earrings, wild rags jewelry, crockpot/cassarole carriers, and so much more. Christine can host parties or take orders for porch pickup or shipping directly, whichever you prefer. A great way to get friends together for a boutique party or for that perfect gift, Redman Mountain Boutique is always a fun way to express yourself with those little details that you will love. 

Come to the Spring Vendor and Crafts Show on April 13th and 14th at the Wattenberg Center at the Jackson County Fairgrounds to see what she has in stock for the upcoming season. You can contact Christine on her Redman Mountain Boutique Facebook Page, where she is always bringing out new inventory. 

Email [email protected] or call/text (970) 819-8630 to find out more about availability, parties, and much more! 

Creative Content, Marketing, and Copywriting

Clinton Harris is a freelance writer and author who has been copywriting and creating marketing content for over 13 years. He has ghostwritten over 1,000 pieces for clients on everything from copywriting for high-end pocket knives to branded content for companies all around the world! 

A North Park native, Clinton is currently working from his home/office on wheels, traveling across North America with his dog, Penny. His articles have appeared in Big Life Magazine, Perceptive Travel, Man of Many, the Wayward Home, and many others. You can check out his travel blog, photography, and portfolio at and his travel podcast, Shake Some Dust, is available on Spotify, ApplePodcasts, and AmazonPodcasts. 

He has a few opening for new clients. Contact him at [email protected] for a rate sheet and to find out how SEO and creative content can work to drive traffic to your website.

Walden Candle Company

Many of the wares these cottage industries mentioned on this site can be found at the Walden Candle Company. Not only does the Walden Candle Company offer giftware products that embody the spirit or North Park and our mountain way of life, but also provides a platform for local creatives to showcase their goods. Many of whom have already been mentioned here! 

Located at 476 Main Street in one of Walden’s historic downtown storefronts, the Walden Candle Company is a great place to stop, whether you are just passing through, window shopping, or looking for that for that special gift. Visit the Walden Candle Company Facebook page to learn more! Call (918) 639-4245 for details and store hours.

North Park Has So Much More to Offer!

Even though the community is small and tucked away in one of the more remote corners of Colorado, the North Park community is no slouch when it comes to cultivating individuals with the drive to share their creations with the rest of the world. Stop by a craft festival or reach out via the virtual world to see what we have to share!


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